Are you concerned for yourself, loved ones, relatives or friends who have had their lives damaged as a result of Georgia domestic laws?

Want to help?

The best thing you can do is to voice your concerns directly with your Georgia legislator and ask for a solution. To find the contact information of your legislator, go to any of the following websites:

Send a brief letter to your legislators stating something similar to the following:

Dear (Legislator),

I am a registered voter in your district and I have become deeply concerned about how our state’s Judicial Branch handles domestic cases, particularly those that involve divorce and custody that can negatively impact the interests of our state’s minor children.

I would like to schedule a meeting with you at your earliest convenience to explain my concerns and work with you to create a solution.

Your name
City, State Zip
Email Address

Edit your letter to reflect your experiences and concerns. Send the letter to your legislator’s home if you have the address and a copy to their office. Sending the letter by regular mail will be much more effective then email. We recommend you send your letter by both means followed up by phone calls.

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