Visitors Dues: FREE
Visitors are always welcome at the NPRA local monthly meetings and events and there is never a charge for participation. All visitors are welcome and encouraged to fully participate in all NPRA meetings and activities.

Associates   Maintenance Fee: $40 Monthly (to cover printing, postage, snacks, misc. for monthly meetings). Associates will receive access to the NPRA website and NPRA published materials.

Associates will elect State Coordinators from each state annually and also elect a parent representative board member.

Consultation Associates   Maintenance Fee: $300 - $500
Benefits include all associate benefits plus a case intake, professional recommendations, and expert advice from our NPRA Consultants made up of specially screened lawyers (who have experienced PAS and/or personal custody disputes), pro se advocates, psychologists, children at risk experts, educators and child protective services experts. This also entitles the Consultation Associates to reduced rates on professional services of other Consultation Associates, reduced rates on NPRA seminars and classes and unlimited phone consultations with designated NPRA Consultants.

Professional Associates   Maintenance Fee: $1000
Benefits include access to the NPRA membership, inclusion in our marketing materials and exposure on our website. Professional Associates will also be provided with continuing education on topics of interest in their respective fields.

Professional Membership in the NPRA does not imply that client referrals will be made to any professional paying maintenance fees to the organization.
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